This is my new icon guys. Smexy right?

This is my new icon guys. Smexy right?

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  1. wannabenormaal answered: ummmm….
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  3. obsessedwiththeworld answered: This isn’t yours~
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  6. lestatmalfoy answered: it’s fitting, form-fitting.
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  8. katniss-peeta-haymitch answered: it don’t get sexier than that.
  9. thesestormyskies answered: is this real life
  10. k-alista answered: i wish i was as hot as he is…):
  11. rainforvst answered: HAHAHAHA omg
  12. capitolcitizens answered: lacked only shave the armpits
  13. hellofinnick answered: just had the laugh of my life. thank you
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  15. jonsnowball answered: HAHAHAAHHA
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